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Evelyn, a young Filipina nurse, is living on an isolated estate while taking care of Dena, the aging matriarch of a Texas family. As Dena slips deeper into dementia, Evelyn begins to sense something ominous lurking behind the walls. Is the house a conduit for supernatural forces? Or is she just hearing things? As Evelyn’s paranoia pushes her to uncover her employer’s awful past, she may not be prepared for the havoc her curiosity will unlock. SANZARU is a Gothic tale, a journey to the heart of a haunted house. A house haunted, as much by death, as by secrets.
Xia Magnus
Xia Magnus
Aina Dumlao Justin Arnold Jon Viktor Corpuz Jayne Taini
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  • “Sanzaru is a quality gothic melodrama.”

  • “As a tribute to all the real elder caretakers out there, don't underestimate the magnitude of a movie celebrating one.”

  • “An eerie and unique tale of a family haunted by ghosts and secrets.”

  • “Mixes eastern and western traditions to create an eerie and affecting ghost story.”

  • “A thoughtfully crafted story that combines dread with melodrama to deliver a creepy, nuanced horror tale.”

  • “The kind of gothic haunting tale that lingers in your bones long after the closing credits.”