My Heart Can't Beat Unless You Tell It To

My Heart Can’t Beat Unless You Tell It To follows a family of three siblings living at the edge of a small town, struggling to keep their younger brother alive. Middle-brother Dwight drives through town and abducts strangers. He brings them home to matriarchal older sister Jessie where she drains their blood. Younger brother Thomas drinks the blood, living as a shut-in, fatally allergic to sunlight. The three siblings live in unhinged harmony. Jessie performs karaoke at home and insists on celebrating Christmas every month to keep the house cheerful. She wants nothing more than to dedicate her life to Thomas’ survival. Dwight however, is more and more traumatized by each murder. He starts having clandestine meetings with Pam, a local sex worker, paying her for conversations. As he gets closer to Pam, he grows a craving for life outside their cyclical nightmare.
Jonathan Cuartas