My Heart Can't Beat Unless You Tell It To

“Do you have any idea what we do to get that blood?”
Dwight and his sister Jessie reach a crossroads over what to do about their brother Thomas' mysterious illness. The increasingly dangerous task of keeping him alive weighs heavy on sensitive Dwight, but Jessie will stop at nothing to keep her family together.
In Theaters & VOD Starting June 25th
Jonathan Cuartas
Jonathan Cuartas
Patrick Fugit Ingrid Sophie Schram Owen Campbell


  • “A striking new vision of vampirism that in arterial spurts recalls Tomas Alfredson's Let the Right One In and Jim Mickle's We Are What We Are.”

  • “A quietly absorbing, small-scale enterprise with some moments of genuine tension.”

  • “Cuartas' film looks to take a restrained and realistic approach with vampire mythos anchored by great performances as lifeblood is pumped back into one of horror’s oldest concepts.”

  • “Fugit steps up to the plate, delivering an indelible portrait of familial devotion taken to its logical extreme.”

  • “A shockingly relevant tale of loneliness, illness, and dependency.”

  • “A gem of a horror film.”

  • “A beautiful cinematic meditation on sacrifice.”

  • “Oxygen may feel as if it’s at a minimum in the world that Cuartas has created, but that itself feels like a breath of fresh air...”

  • “A splendid drama that puts a twist on the vampire genre.”

  • “An unflinching look at the lengths people will go to for family ties, but it’s also a story about loneliness, a story which you know is going to collapse in on itself at some point.”


  1. 2021-03-26
    Pendance Film Festival
    Toronto Ontario CA
  2. 2021-04-08
    Cleveland International Film Festival
    Cleveland Ohio US
  3. 2021-04-11
    Panic Fest (In Person & Online)
    North Kansas City Missouri US
  4. 2021-04-16
    Imagine Film Festival
    Amsterdam NL
  5. 2021-04-17
    Panic Fest (In Person & Online)
    North Kansas City Missouri US
  6. 2021-04-20
    Cleveland International Film Festival
    Cleveland Ohio US
  7. 2021-06-05
    L.A Latino International Film Festival
    Los Angeles California US
  8. 2021-06-12
    Tribeca Film Festival
    New York New York US